Women finish sixth in Barcelona World Race

Barcelona World Race

Dee Caffari finished sixth in the Barcelona World Race on Wednesday, giving her four circumnavigations to put on her resume. The Barcelona World Race Web site reports that 38-year-old Caffari made the trip with her partner, 34-year-old Anna Corbella, on the Open 60 GAES Centros Auditivos in under 103 days. The winning time in the race was just over 93 days by the French team of Pierre Dick and Loick Peyron.

On completing the Barcelona World Race, Caffari commented: “I’m very happy and very proud of what we achieved. Four boats didn’t make it and we did make it, and we did it non-stop which is what we wanted to do. And we had other challenges to overcome, and we did all of that. I think overall performance-wise we’ve got to be happy, we’ve achieved something that’s quite special and we can’t forget that not everybody gets to sail around the world non-stop. But it’s still in me, I’ve still got to get a top five place!”

Corbella became the first Spanish woman to race around the world non-stop.

By Ocean Navigator