Pacific Cup 2024 - The fun race to Hawaii

Presented by: The Pacific Cup Yacht Club
Race begins: July 15, 2024 in San Francisco Bay

The FUN Race to Hawaii, the Pacific Cup, has taken sailors from San Francisco Bay to Kaneohe Hawaii since 1980. With a focus on training, information, and ohana (family), the race has helped many voyagers hone their skills for ocean voyaging, whether in a hard-fought battle against world-class professionals or a challenging transit with family and friends. Either way, this mostly downwind race features some of the most enjoyable sailing on the planet, going on for days!  For more information, go HERE.

Ocean Navigator is a proud sponsor of the 2024 race!

Pacific Cup 2024 – Updates

International Safety at Sea with Hands On Course

Ad Hoc repairs are a reality offshore

International Safety at Sea with Hands On Course
January 13, 2024 at Kaneohe Yacht Club, Kaneohe, Oahu
Signups are open here

This course is to prepare you for survival offshore in demanding situations and emergencies. As with any training, what you get is proportional to what you put into it. What you learn in this course may save your life and the lives of others in an emergency. We encourage you to give the course the effort and time it deserves.

The course is taught by experienced lifelong sailors. While the course is designed for sailors of all types and levels – cruisers, racers, novices, and experts, our focus in to help prepare you for the Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii. The subject matter reflects the accumulated knowledge and lessons learned of the world-wide sailing community. MORE INFO >>

The course has two parts. The first part is the Online Offshore Safety at Sea Course. It is extensive and comprehensive. The online course will provide you with an excellent level of knowledge and is the starting point for the second part of the course.

The second part of the course is a full day of practical training. You will be updated with the latest information on key topics and then spend most of the day in hands-on training covering damage control, firefighting, emergency signaling, survival equipment, use of personal flotation devices, and life rafts. MORE INFO >>

Signups Open

Entries for the 2024 Pacific Cup opened at 8 am on March 29, and within four hours fourteen adventurous boats (and their skippers) had signed up. Our growing entry list includes a wide range of boats, both new to the race and returning veterans. Doublehanders and fully crewed, and sizes ranging from 27 to 52 feet!
Will YOU be joining us? 
To Enter Go Here.

Notice of Race posted

Our 2024 Notice of Race Start Date is July 15, 2024, and is now posted on our documents page. This gives you plenty of time to review the document and decide to enter the FUN race to Hawaii.
For Race Documents and Links Go Here.

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Notice of Race (321.08 KB)
Equipment Requirements (PCER) (183.95 KB)
Anchor Appendix of PCER (308.97 KB)
NOR amendment 1 (Starlink and Crew weight) (84.27 KB)
PCER for Multihulls (331.27 KB)
Measurement and Ratings Guide (168.66 KB)

Full Moon for 2024 Race

July 15, 2024, is scheduled to be the first start for the 2024 Pacific Cup, the FUN race to Hawaii. Slowest boats will start that Monday, with faster boats starting later in the week, is the plan.

Race organizers have to balance a number of factors in picking a start date. We prefer to start around 10 am to 2 pm, on an ebb tide. The date should be late enough that the Pacific High will have had a good chance to form, but not so late that we are into a high chance of tropical storms or somebody’s school year. We really want a moon.

This year, the week of July 15 came closest to ideal, with a blazingly full moon set for the middle of the race. That’s when we’ve scheduled our start for, and we hope to see you there

Pac Cupper wins NOBEL PRIZE

John F. Clauser sat in the bar at Berkeley Yacht Club on the evening of October 3, sharing his woes with other Pac Cup veterans and fans. Something about his boom. Also, we all commiserated about the challenges of working with one or more ratings systems.

Business concluded we all went home to a peaceful sleep. John, however, we imagine, was awakened by the traditional 2am call from the Nobel Prize Committee. He had been awarded the prize in Physics for his foundational work in quantum entanglement.

Congratulations, John!

Read about it here.