Whale Alert

Iphone Whale

Now everyone can be a part of the effort to reduce ship strikes of North Atlantic right whales. A collaboration of researchers led by scientists at NOAA's Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary has developed an app that can reduce your risk of striking right whales called "Whale Alert." Whale Alert makes participation in right whale conservation easy for the maritime community by providing depictions of active right whale management and required reporting areas. The app supplies boaters with recommended routes and areas-to-be-avoided in order to ensure right whale's safety. It is even equipped with near real-time warnings using automatic passive acoustic buoys. Thes buoys can hear the sound of a whale's presence in shipping lanes throughout the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. To download the app and view a complete list of Whale Alert features, visit the app's website.

Ship collisions are a major threat to the already endangered North Atlantic right whales. Whale Alert can help you reduce the chances of a collision with these whales by providing you with all of NOAA's up-to-date conservation and management measures in one location. For more information about how to use the app go to stellwagen.noaa.gov/protect/whalealert.html.

By Ocean Navigator