Trawler Fest Ocean Navigator Award winners


The most recent stop on the Trawler Fest tour was held at Cap Sante Boat Haven in Anacortes, Wash. Trawler Fest is a national boat show series centered around education, exhibition and networking of power voyaging boats and their enthusiasts. Ocean Navigator has been an active sponser of the event which is run by PassageMaker Magazine. Major names throughout the marine industry offered demonstrations of their products and educational seminars.

Ocean Navigator offers an award to participants in the boat show. At Anacortes, the Ocean Navigator trophy was given to the participants who travelled the furthest to get to the show. Ocean Navigator gave the award to the cruising duo of Christopher and Diana Dent of Bend, Oregon. Christopher and Diana's boat is a 1999 52' Nordhavn N50.  The previous owner of their boat named it "Prime Time" but in honor of Diana's Russian ancestry, Christopher has registered and is in the process of renaming it "Calibri", the Russian word for Hummingbird.

The next stop in the series is at the BMC Inner Harbor Marina & Hyatt Regency Baltimore in Baltimore, Md, on September 25-30, 2012.

By Ocean Navigator