Running toward the Trades

Another mid-Atlantic post from Consulting Time II– Greetings, it is 1940 UTC (1340 Houston time), Thursday, 1/11/07 and all is well aboard Consulting Time. Our position is N23-11/W022-40 or about 594 nm from Dakar. Our wind is 4 kn from the NE and we have been motoring since 1040 this morning, except for a 40 minute period when the wind backed around to the north and we put up the main and reacher. This could go on for another 24-30 hours due to a minor low pressure area that came off the African coast and moved NW above us. Our course is 252M.

It was a delightful day with a high of 75F, sunny and very few clouds. The sea temp is up to 72F. We have been fishing for the last three days, but no luck. A pod of 12 or so porpoises visited us late this afternoon. They never fail to entertain.

Beau fixed venison and wild hog sausage, onion & egg omelets and toast with honey from Croatia for breakfast. We were so full we all had light lunches. For dinner we had chicken roast on the grill, rice and gravy a la Beau, and fresh green beans. And some Rioja rose wine.

I raised the Waypoint Bar on the SSB radio this afternoon to make sure they were open. They said they operate 24/7, as long as there are customers! They said something about there is nowhere else for them to go, so why not stay open? I made reservations for 3 days for now.

2030: I just talked with Herb on Southbound II and he confirmed the GRIB weather forecast we have been getting. We are in for light air for the next 24 to 36 hours. So, we will continue motoring until the NE trades kick in. Unfortunately, the Waypoint Bar doesn’t sell fuel, but I think we will be OK.

Bye for now, Doug & Crew

By Ocean Navigator