Charleston Bermuda race

By a freak happenstance of geography, there are few islands that are more often the target of a sailboat’s bow than Bermuda. Situated as it is within easy striking distance of the U.S. east coast, there are races to Bermuda from Marion, Newport, Annapolis, Charleston and Daytona. Do Bermudians ever tire of the constant stream of boats voyaging and racing there?

Apparently not as the Honorable Dr. Ewart Brown, the Premier of Bermuda, will be on hand to lend his blessing to the sixth edition of the Charleston to Bermuda Race. The Charleston race will start on May 18th and will depart Charleston Harbor amid the ongoing festivities of the South Carolina Maritime Foundation’s annual Maritime Festival.

According to Brad Van Liew, Executive Director of the South Carolina Maritime Foundation, there will be roughly 11 classic tall ships in the harbor that day to provide a colorful backdrop as the racers depart.

In a bow toward safety that may attract those owners who have never raced offshore before, Van Liew said that all participating yachts in the 777-mile race will be equipped with a satellite tracking system to guarantee regular position updates and enhanced safety.

By Ocean Navigator