Moisture, drafts and corrosion disappear with simple device

Mold, mildew, cold drafts and corrosion are a fact of life on boats, RVs and in other outdoor-related environments. Instead of messy dehumidifying bags or fan units with tanks to empty, Air-Dryr from Davis Instruments uses heat and natural convection to keep the air dry and prevent mold.

The compact unit is placed on the floor and plugged into a 110/120V outlet. The air is heated above dew point to hold the moisture in suspension so it won’t settle on surfaces, then released through the top vents of Air-Dryr. As warmed air rises, cooler damp air is drawn into the unit, where it too is heated.

Designed to be left on 24 hours a day, Air-Dryr handles a high volume of air. The attractive, neutral beige housing is made of strong and durable polycarbonate. Slim and stable, it can be placed out of the way.

Silent and costing no more to operate than a light bulb, the unit is trouble-free, with no switch, fan or thermostat. A thermal cut-off turns the unit off should air flow be impeded. With no components to cause sparking, Air-Dryr is safe for marine use. It’s perfect for boat cabins, v-berths, engine rooms and bilges.

An alternative to expensive dehumidifiers, the Air-Dryr 500 from Davis Instruments handles up to 500 cubic ft., draws only 0.6 amps, 130W, measures 14″ L x 5″ W x 4.5″ H and retails for $57.99. The Air-Dryr 1000 handles up to 1,000 cubic ft., draws 1.1 amps, 130W, measures 13.5″ in diameter and 4.25″ high and costs $67.99. Contact Davis Instruments, 3465 Diablo Ave., Hayward, CA 94545. 510-732-9229; Fax: 510-732-9188.;

By Ocean Navigator