Marion Bermuda Race gear failures

Here’s another item from last June’s Marion to Bermuda Race (accompanying picture shows Marion Bermuda racer Will Taylor taking a sight during the race). Race participant Sheldon Brotman, who sails aboard his boat Whisper, provided us with a breakdown of broken gear suffered by race participants. This is an informal list he compiled from walking the dock.


“In my dock strolling talking I have found:


1. Many sail failures- blow out heads of mains and blades


2. Rig failures- one goose neck failure


3. Hydraulic cylinder failure


4. Steering sheave failure of attachment


5. A lot of water intrusion


6. One bilge pump failure  (outlet- clog)


7. Two toilet seat failures


8. Many tri-sails that did not work


9. One boat pulled out — due inability of crew to tolerate heeling — they were afraid the boat would fail?â€



By Ocean Navigator