French trimaran smashes speed record

The French trimaran L’Hydroptere has set two world sailing speed records.  Over 500 meters, the massive hydrofoil tri recorded a speed of 51.36 knots and achieved 48.72 knots over a nautical mile.  The team hit speeds of up to 55.5 knots, nearly five knots faster than the previous outright speed record of 50.57 knots set by French kiteboarder Alexander Caizergues last year.  
From the ISAF’s
After several unsuccessful attempts at the record at the end of 2008, the L’Hydroptère team returned to the waters of Hyeres for another attempt at the record this September and smashed existing mark on their first day. The times gradually dropped during the day and it was during the eighth and final run that L’Hydroptère reached her target speed and won the double. Along with skipper Alain Thebault, also onboard was Anders Bringdal, Jean-Mathieu Bourgeon, François Cazala, Damien Colegrave, Stéphane Dyen, Matt Hodgson, Jérémie Lagarrigue, Pierre Trémouille, Gérard Navarin and Jacques Vincent.
By Ocean Navigator