IntelligentBoatCare, LLC, RELEASES TWO PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE SOFTWARE PROGRAMS, A Shipshape Motorboat AND A ShipShape Sailboat, for the Mac and PC.

San Francisco, CA, Tuesday, November 23, 2010

As a result of the popularity of the product and consequent production run sizes, Intelligent Maintenance has been able to significantly reduce prices of it’s boat maintenance software. What was already great value is now a positive began at $59.95. There really is no excuse for not keeping your boat properly maintained. With Christmas coming ShipShape is the perfect stocking filler for any sailor or powerboater.

In these uncertain economic times, many boaters don’t have the time or finances to monitor and maintain all of the items that need attention – especially the safety items.

ShipShape Software products helps solve these problems.

Using Anticipated Event Forecasting, Shipshape software predicts and manages what maintenance is due and when.  A customizable and intuitive graphical interface makes the software easy and a pleasure to use. Detailed maintenance schedules have been carefully written by experienced marine industry professionals – IntelligentBoatCare has done most of the work already!

It is known that even production boats differ in specification and maintenance can depend on the upgrades added by the owner. The ability to add, locate and maintain additional equipment has been integrated into Shipshape.

‎IntelligentBoatCare is a small software design house dedicated to the production of intuitive and predictive maintenance software.  Some time ago IntelligentBoatCare discovered that most marine software products were poorly designed, difficult to use and really were not much more than ‘hobby’ projects for the creators.
IntelligentBoatCare set out to change all that by raising the quality, look and feel of marine software.

IntelligentBoatCare is owned and operated by boaters and sailors that have over 40 years of yachting and marine industry experience.

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