Harraseeket Yacht Club to Host Marion-Bermuda Feeder Rally (MAINE TO MARION TO BERMUDA)

The Maine to Marion to Bermuda Cruising Yacht Rally is a cruising yacht rally from South Freeport, ME to Marion, MA in advance of the 2015 Marion to Bermuda race. Called the M2M2B, the rally will be hosted by the Harraseeket Yacht Club and will be an enjoyable and convenient way for Maine-based yacht skippers to sail from Maine to Marion, MA as they stage their boats for the 2015 Marion-Bermuda Race. If not planning to do the Race, the Maine Rally will also be a great way to sail in company and access the wonderful cruising grounds south of Cape Cod.
To learn more about the Marion Bermuda Race and the Maine Rally look for the information Tab Here: http://www.marionbermuda.com

HYC will run the rally (race) from HYC to the Cape Cod Canal prior to the start of the Cruising Race to Bermuda. David Kent and Morris Hancock are spearheading our Club’s efforts.

The HYC event will begin with a Captain’s Meeting followed with Dinner and Entertainment under a tent at HYC on Sunday, June 14, 2015. The race will start the following day.

M2M2B Rally Registration; http://www.marionbermuda.com/m2m2b/index.php

By Ocean Navigator