A light that clips on tight

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Sometimes your boat's deck lights are not set up to throw light on just the area you need illuminated. Would be great to have a powerful light you could clip onto the rail and that puts light right on the spot. And for voyagers with smaller boats that don't have spreader lights, a clip on light would come in handy for working on deck or hanging out in the cockpit at night. 

Recently, while at the Annapolis Boat Show checking out the latest anchor innovations from Mantus Anchors at their booth, the Mantus folks showed me their new clip on light that fits the bill for a hands-free light. The cam-based clip system holds the light securely at any angle, allowing you to aim the where you want it. Plus, the light has three levels of white light, a red light that will help retain night vision, it's water resistant and will even signal SOS in Morse code. And in a nod to the now universal use of smartphones and tablets on board, the Mantus Snap On Light has a USB port and you can use it to recharge your phone. 

The Mantus Clip On Light is a great addition to the gear locker.


By Ocean Navigator