A great friend passes

I was saddened to learn of the passing of George Dowling of Bermuda on August 26, 2006. A long time friend of Ocean Navigator and of the schooner Ocean Star, George was a welcome sight and a great help to the ship and her crew.

Operating the only facility in St. Georges to get fuel, George turned his Shell station into probably the only service station that had a counter devoted to navigation. George was a great devotee of the art of navigation and in his home overlooking Town Cut; he had a room set up like a captain’s bridge. Complete with ships’s telegraph, compass, radar, GPS.

George could be very helpful, if he liked you, and he liked most people. He wasn’t very impressed with the big yachts and the loud talking skippers who thought that they had something special. In his years of sitting out of the sun in the open bay of his service station, he had seen it all; had seen St. Georges grow from a small stop-over on the way to Hamilton, into a bustling waterfront community. Throughout it all he maintained his calm exterior and his sense of humor.

He was an integral part of the yachting scene in Bermuda for many years and he will be sorely missed. His wife Natalie and George Jr., continue to operate the Shell station known to one and all simply as Dowling’s. Bermuda won’t be the same without him.

Allan Frith on 02/06/2007 18:36

Hi Dave Just read your coment about George Dowling, very interesting. It’s good to know you are still in the sailing business. we’re all doing great and will give you a call sometine soon.mtake care. Allan & wilma

By Ocean Navigator