Younger than 52? You can’t race in this one

In the racing world, where newer is always better and a three-year-old boat is considered outdated, at least one race spurns modernity and welcomes the golden oldies. In the 27th-annual McNish Classic Yacht Race, only boats built before 1952 can compete.

Cheerio participates in the 27th annual McNish Classic Yacht Race off Southern California.
   Image Credit: Courtesy McNish Classic Yacht Race

The race, based in Channel Islands Harbor, Calif., showcases wooden vessels of all shapes and sizes, ranging from 52 to 100 years old. It matches 17-foot ketches against 82-foot schooners in a specially designed handicap system.

The fleet competing for the Strathmore Cup consists of sloops, cutters, ketches, yawls, schooners, thistles and “flatties.” As if the showcase of such a variety of historic beauties were not exciting enough, the race itself provides a visual spectacle. In addition to the handicap system devised for classics, an inverted start on the triangular course gives viewers a thrill as the boats race toward the finish line at nearly the same time.

The Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club will host the event on Aug. 7, 2004.

By Ocean Navigator