What a difference a day makes

Greetings from Consulting Time II: It is 2040 EDT, Monday, May 28, 2007 and CT II is about 54 nm SSE of Cape Hatteras Light. There is no wind but we are making 11.2 kn over the bottom thanks to Mr Yanmar and Mr Gulf Stream. We have been motoring since 0700 this morning after a night of sailing close hauled and close reached in 21 down to 7 kn of wind. Mike and Pat are sleeping. Mickey is watching out for aircraft carriers.

The wind was so flat that we stopped for a swim call after lunch and had a chance to look at the bottom (bad) and scrape the small barnacles off the prop. With the water temp at 80F, it was very pleasant. And even though the boat was not moving thru the water, we were still making 2.0 kn to the north thanks to Mr. Gulf Stream.

The biggest excitement was right after we finished dinner, Mike hooked and landed a 26 pound Mahi. It was the biggest fish Mike ever caught and I think it set a new record for this boat. Most of the fish is in the freezer and everyone will take some home with them. We fished yesterday with no luck and today had two earlier strikes, but the fish got away. That new Penn reel that Beau got for me on e-Bay is working great.

For dinner tonight we grilled chicken, saut̩ed zuchini, fixed red beans and rice (to make Mickey feel at home) and had a tossed salad. To wash down the chicken we had a French Savignon Blanc. Someone e-mailed this morning as asked what kind of wine we had last night. It was a Spanish Rioja rose by Marques de Caecares. It went well with the grilled pork loins. Tomorrow night we are having Mahi Рand it is a good thing, because otherwise it would have been spaghetti.

So, unless something goes wrong, we should be arriving at Little Creek before dawn, Wednesday morning in time for the crew to catch their planes and for me to meet Pam and Robbie and Kathy Shelton at the airport.

Life is good thanks in large part to all the patriots that have served our country in years past and today.

Best regards, Doug and Crew

By Ocean Navigator