Wave WiFi MNC1250
Wave WiFi MNC1250
The Wave WiFi MNC1250 is an advanced wireless network controller featuring gigabyte ports and dual band wireless broadcast

The MNC-1250 is a Dual band 2.4/5Ghz wireless network controller with a built in SIM slot to access cellular data sources. It features gigabyte ports, multi-source failover functionality, dual internal access points, and a host of other robust features to complete a vessels networking needs.
Today’s boaters want faster internet so many marinas and hot spots now offer the 5Ghz band. Wave WiFi has a variety of Dual Band WiFi transceivers that can bring 5Ghz or other internet options that are available aboard without limitations. Once the boat is connected to shoreside WiFi the MNC1250 allows faster signals to be broadcast on board.

MNC-1250 back view showing ports
The MNC-1250 uses Wave WiFi’s proprietary GUI (Graphic User Interface) which makes it easy to access and control a host of networking functions. Access can be granted by source, by login code, or by user, with features to manage accessibility, cap data, limit bandwidth, and blacklist macs and/or urls. A guest network can be set up to allow onboard internet access without providing system controls.

The MNC-1200 has all the same great features of the 1250 but without the SIM slot for cellular connectivity. This is a great option for vessels that want a fast wireless router/access point (AP) that can broadcast dual band. The MNC-1200 works well with other Wave WiFi units like our professional series Ethernet Converting WiFi Transceivers. Since our top of the line Tidal Wave has a built in SIM slot for cellular connectivity it provides versatility and eliminates SIM slot redundancy when combined with the MNC-1200.

By Harry Hungate