Watermaker contest

This is a contest that rewards early adopters. For those voyagers who bought a watermaker a long time ago and would like to cash in on their early faith in reverse osmosis technology, Horizon Reverse Osmosis (HRO) Systems is running the contest for you. HRO is launching a search for the oldest watermaker

Beginning March 3rd, 2008, HRO will launch a three-month, worldwide contest to determine the owner of HRO’s oldest operating watermaker. The contest is designed to demonstrate the durability of all HRO systems, while also cataloging the company’s progress and innovation during the past 30 years.  

All HRO customers, past and present are encouraged to participate, with all qualifying entries receiving a prize package of HRO-branded promotional items. The Grand Prize Winner will be the contestant who submits HRO’s oldest operating watermaker. That contestant will win a new Seafari SFC watermaking unit with two-year warranty (a $10,000  value). Get your entry form here.

By Ocean Navigator