Water Power! — Short Stories

Water Power! — Short Stories
by Robert Beringer e-book: smashwords.com
Download price: $5.99
Published 2015, smashwords.com
91 pages

If you are looking for a collection of fast-moving short stories, 20 to be exact, Robert Beringer’s recently published e-book collection of water-themed tales fits the bill.

With water as the common element among these brisk little jewels, Beringer explores the timeless themes of man against nature, survival and journey — inward and outward. 

Although he is still honing his craft, his stories are generally tight and engaging for a first book. They contrast wonderfully with one another in style and storyline and cover a wide range of geography and emotion. Most of all, they are connected by the endless aqueous thread that in turn connects all of us. 

By Ocean Navigator