Voyaging the steel ocean

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A voyaging boat, sail or power, has options on how to get around the globe. Most boat owners like to direct the boat across the ocean themselves, some prefer to hire a delivery captain and crew to take the boat to its next area of operations and some prefer to have their vessel transported via a yacht transport service like Dockwise Yacht Transport. DYT operates semi-submersible ships that haul vessels thousands of miles across the ocean. The DYT vessel Super Servant 4 regularly makes the circuit between the Mediterannean, Florida, the Caribbean and New Zealand and Australia. 

DYT describes Super Servant 4's peregrinations this way: "The 556-foot (169.49 meter) Super Servant 4 started its annual passage to Brisbane (Australia) and Auckland (New Zealand), a sailing that originated in Palma de Mallorca in late November, 2012.  Having stopped in Le Marin (Martinique), Port Everglades (Florida) and Golfito (Costa Rica) on its way to the South Pacific, the semi-submersible ship, which “sinks” to load and unload its floating yacht cargo, is now enroute to Golfito and will return to Port Everglades before it goes transatlantic."

What if you lived aboard your boat while it rode on the deck of Super Servant 4 as it made its way around the world. Would that qualify as a circumnavigation? Most voyagers would definitely say no. But it is one way to go around!

By Ocean Navigator