Viking recalls rafts

Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S is recalling certain serial numbers of RescYouâ„¢ yachting and fishing liferafts to check their pressure relief valves.

Thanner & Co A/S, a supplier of pressure relief valves, has informed Viking Life-Saving Equipment A/S that potential problems with its Thanner OTS 65-type valve may cause it to break and prevent a liferaft from inflating properly. Therefore, in November, Viking Life-saving Equipment issued a product recall recommending that all Thanner OTS 65 valves used in RescYouâ„¢ liferafts should be checked and if necessary replaced.

The liferafts that are fitted with these pressure relief valves are specific serial numbers of Viking RescYouâ„¢ liferafts and RescYouâ„¢ Pro liferafts, in 4, 6 and 8-person sizes and carried either in a container or valise.

“We are asking owners of RescYouâ„¢ and RescYouâ„¢ Pro liferafts to check the type of their liferaft and its serial number on to see if it is at risk,” said Kjeld Amann, Managing director. The types concerned are labeled ‘UKL’ (RescYouâ„¢) and ‘UKSL’ (RescYouâ„¢ Pro).

The type and serial number can be found on the certificate of compliance that an owner received with the liferaft. The type and serial number can also be seen on the registration label on the bottom of the liferaft container or on the valise.

“If a RescYouâ„¢ liferaft is found to be at risk, we are asking owners to contact a Viking-approved servicing station for a valve inspection – and any valve replacement will of course be free of charge”, Kjeld Amann said. Servicing stations and their contact details are listed on

“We thank everyone for their co-operation and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, Kjeld Amann said. “I want to reassure owners and users of our liferafts that their safety is our priority”.

Contact Viking Life-Saving Equipment, 1400 NW 159th St., #101, Miami, FL 33169. 305-614-5800; Fax: 305-614-5810.;

By Ocean Navigator