VETUS launches New VF Series Diesel Engines in the US

HANOVER, MD. &mdash (October 26, 2009) &mdash VETUS, the Dutch manufacturer and worldwide sales organization of marine diesel engines and other technical boat equipment is proud to announce the US- launch of a more fuel efficient, quieter, lighter, and more powerful diesel engine, the VF Series.

The new VETUS VF Series Diesel Engines are available in both 4-Cylinder (140hp/170hp) and 5-Cylinder (220hp/250hp) models. The VF Series Diesel Engines with Common Rail Fuel Injection will use mechanical high-pressure pumps to deliver fuel at pressure levels over 20,000 psi, as well as use electronically controlled injectors to precisely inject multiple bursts of fuel into the cylinder chamber. This results in a smooth, quiet and efficient combustion helping to conserve fuel and reduce operating costs to the end user. This technology allows for better maneuverability in stern drive applications and smoother vessel operation.

“The launch of the VF Series Diesel Engine is an example of VETUS America’s commitment to creating new, cost-effective marine products of the highest-quality for the US consumer marine market. Vetus has been selling and servicing engines and quality marine products for over 30 years in the US – and the new VF Series Diesel Engine is just the start of great things to come from VETUS America” says VETUS America’s Executive Vice President, Jay Stockmann.

“The new VF Series Engine is also such an innovation for us here at VETUS and for the marine industry as a whole because of its ‘Tier 2′ EPA rating, which makes it a cleaner, more fuel efficient diesel engine which is something we can all be truly proud of” adds Stockmann.

VETUS has incorporated the international auto and aviation turbo technology leader, Garrett® for their Variable Geometry Turbo on the VF Series Diesel Engine. With the addition of the Variable Geometry Turbo, the end user will see and feel the benefits of a turbo boost through the entire RPM range, as opposed to only seeing the effects of turbo charging on higher RPM ranges, which is typical of other engines currently on the market. This allows the VF Series to be among the most powerful and capable diesel engines currently on the market.

The new VF Series is also one of the lightest engines ever produced for the consumer marine market. This is achieved though VETUS’ use of high-strength aluminum, which will greatly reduce the overall weight of the engine, as well as increase performance across the range. For more on VETUS and the new VF Series Diesel Engine, visit

About VETUS:
VETUS is a Netherlands-based, highly diversified marine products manufacturer supported by a global network of distributors, dealers, and importers. The company was founded in 1964 and today VETUS equipment is sold in 100+ nations around the world. The company is driven by a culture of product innovation and quality backed by a strong commitment to servicing the customer at the highest level. For more information regarding VETUS, visit

By Ocean Navigator