Remote MMSI Programming for AIS
Remote MMSI Programming for AIS
Remote MMSI Programming is the latest in a series of updates that improve functionality of existing and new Cortex Hubs.

Auckland, New Zealand – Vesper Marine, a leading manufacturer of innovative marine electronics, announced today the release of remote MMSI programming capability and improved “Stealth Mode” for Cortex Hubs when upgraded to software version 1.6.

Remote MMSI Programming is the latest in a series of updates that improve functionality of existing and new Cortex Hubs. Software version 1.6 uses a patented technology for remotely validating and setting vessel data, such as the MMSI. Installers and re-sellers can now enter the relevant vessel details via a secure login to the Support Portal. VesperMarine will validate that the information is entered correctly and send it over the air to the Hub, either immediately or when it next connects to the Vesper Cloud.

“One of the key frustrations for anyone selling and installing an AIS device is the process around entering an MMSI,” said Brady Cox, CEO, Vesper Marine. “It’s now incredibly simple, thanks to the capabilities of Cortex combined with how we’ve used our patented technology.”

“We appreciate the outstanding support we’ve had from our channel partners, so it’s wonderful to be able to release a new feature they’ve been crying out for,” said Jason Young, Global Sales Director, Vesper Marine.

Stealth Mode is being updated to enable boaters to control it from a dedicated button or switch using one of the Cortex Hub’s digital inputs. This is particularly useful to racing vessels that are mandated to carry AIS but have defined periods when they can deactivate their transmissions to prevent competitors from snooping on them.

“Unlike regular silent mode, Stealth Mode also inhibits Cortex from sending position reports when requested by another DSC system,” said Carl Omundsen, Chief Technical Officer, Vesper Marine. “A lot of boaters probably don’t realize that other vessels can still keep an eye on their location using Buddy Tracking. They are like Scooby-Doo. Whenever Shaggy says, ‘where are you,” their DSC can’t help but reply ‘here I am!’ So those secret fishing spots might not be as secret as you think.”

Further details about these new features are available at Updating Cortex to the latest software version is easy using the Cortex Onboard app on a smartphone.

Vesper Marine redefined the VHF experience with Cortex, the world’s first radio with wireless touchscreen handsets, built-in Class B SOTDMA smartAIS transponder and remote vessel monitoring. Cortex includes award-winning smartAIS technology with smart alarm logic to proactively alert boaters of potentially hazardous situations. It combines navigation and sensor data with intelligent alarms to prioritize voice alerts on handsets or a speaker connected to the 10W output. Users can have multiple tethered H1 or portable rechargeable H1P handsets to see crossing situations, navigation light sectors or make trial maneuvers while talking on the radio. Respond to a collision alert by touching the vessel and pressing “call” to quickly initiate a DSC call. Press the MOB button to activate a track back mode on handsets and mark man overboard waypoints on NMEA 2000 connected multifunction display units. The IPX8 handsets provide up to 85 dBA of audio and feature dual-watch, favorite channels and one-handed operation via the click-wheel. The Cortex wet- and glove-touch capable touchscreens have optically bonded Gorilla Glass for durability and wide angle viewing even in sunlight.

Cortex and a selection of installation accessories are available from authorized VesperMarine resellers worldwide. For more information on Cortex visit For more information on Vesper Marine or its entire product line, visit

By Harry Hungate