Useful diesel buying guide

The next issue of Ocean Navigator will have a special section on diesel engines for voyagers. These marine engines are essential workhorses that few mariners could do without, both for propulsion use but also for generating the electrical power modern vessels require to power their many systems. It turns out that Diesel Pro Power, which is a marine diesel parts and supplies provider, has a useful diesel engine guide on its website called Marine Diesel Engine Comparisons, that can assist mariners in making buying decisions. The guide is designed to assist mariners with info that will allow them to keep their “…requirements and budget in mind and understand the differences in horsepower, engine size and propulsion between various engines.” This guide focuses on engines and parts by Detroit Diesel, Cummins, Caterpillar, Twin Disc, and Allison, so is likely more valuable for power voyagers than this boat owners of sailboats with smaller auxiliary engines.

By Tim Queeney