TruPlugâ„¢ Soft Cone-Shaped Emergency Plugs: The Adaptable Alternative to the Hard Wooden Plug

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA – TruPlugâ„¢ is the modern solution for emergency leaks on any boat. Developed by Artelier Studio LLC and distributed by Forespar, the TruPlugâ„¢ is a soft, cone shaped plug designed to conform to the unpredictable shapes of most hull breaches. Whether it’s a round hole caused by mechanical failure, or an elongated tear due to impact, TruPlug’s shape adapts to the leak.

Unlike old fashioned wooden plugs, TruPlug’s soft cone shape form allows it to be compressed by hand or cut to fit. It’s proprietary foam formulation is specifically designed to fill irregular shapes, effectively reducing or eliminating most incoming water flows. Unlike hard plugs, TruPlugâ„¢ can also be forced into hard-to-reach locations, yet still works to seal most seacocks, valves, thru hull fittings and hoses.

Tested for over a year in simulated and real life situations, TruPlugâ„¢ has already been successfully used to stop emergency leaks by several west coast safety vessels. TruPlugâ„¢ is an essential addition to any boat’s safety resources, but is not guaranteed to stop or slow all water leaks.

TruPlugâ„¢ was developed by prominent Channel Islands yachtsman,Henry Goldman, as a modern alternative to emergency wooden plugs. Forespar has entered into a worldwide exclusive marine marketing agreement for TruPlug with Goldman’s company, Artelier Studio LLC. Patents are pending in the United States and worldwide.

Forespar® is one of the oldest, most established boat hardware manufacturers in the United States.  Their diverse line of marine products includes carbon fiber poles, Leisure Furlâ„¢ boom furling systems, Marelon® plumbing fittings and numerous other marine related products.

Part #150100 MSRP: $19.95

By Ocean Navigator