Submerged iceberg cuts South Atlantic voyage short

A distress call received a hemisphere away at the Falmouth (UK) Coastguard headquarters send the warship HMS Clyde to rescue a family of voyagers. Carl Lomas and Tracey Worth’s 38′ Oyster Hollinsclough struck a “growler”–a sumberged iceberg–and began to sink, deep in the South Atlantic.


    The family is now en route to the Falklands aboard the Clyde, expected to complete the 1,000-mile journey by mid-week. However, their round-the-world dream voyage is over, with their 60ft yacht left to sink in the icy seas off South Georgia.

    Carl Lomas and Tracey Worth with their teenage daughters Caitland and Margause, from Chelmerton in Derbyshire, had been sailing since they left Ipswich on the Hollinsclough in March 2007.

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By Ocean Navigator