SSCA shares unique cruising videos

To commemorate the Seven Seas Cruising Association 70th Anniversary, each month, SSCA is making complementary (public) one of our popular interviews in the SSCA’s Circumnavigators and Easier & Safer Cruising Summits! Watch & share.

In this interview, we speak with two celebrity members Bruce and Joan Kessler, who were one of the first, if not the first, to circumnavigate in a personal cruising motor vessel, Zopilote, on a 3 year voyage ending in 1993. Bruce is a former Formula 1 race car driver, TV and Movie Director, and Deep Sea Fishing boat Captain, and Joan, better known as Joan Freeman is a former film actress appearing alongside actors such as Elvis and Vincent Price. Hear how Bruce’s design for Zopilote revolutionized modern cruising motor boats. Learn what 2 unusual events made them proud to be American. And find out how the Gulf War affected their Red Sea Passage.

By Tim Queeney