SkyMate One revealed


Under the hood of the new SkyMate One product is a complex package of antennas and chips that demonstrate how sophisticated marine electronics has become. The SkyMate One can use a variety of communicationa and navigation systems all in one unit: SkyMate satellite, GSM cellular, GPS, Sirius satellite weather and audio.

This view of the SkyMate One with its whip antenna and protective plastic cover removed shows a GPS antenna and processor package on the right and a Sirius satellite radio antenna on the left.

The GPS and Sirius chips are mounted on a metal box that contains a Linux-based computer that controls the entire setup. The net effect of the SkyMate One is to reduce four antennas to one and to give you the capability to send text and data via either the GSM cellular network when you are in range, or to use the SkyMate/Orbcomm satellite system when you are offshore or in an area without GSM cellular coverage. Plus, you can receive Sirius satellite radio and weather. An impressive package from SkyMate.

By Ocean Navigator