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Did rudder alignment cause handling problem?

I was delighted with the story by John Kettewell about his successful deployment of a drogue during a Force 9 gale ("Learn by doing," Issue No. 92, Sept./Oct.). I read all I can about situations like this, because one day it will be my turn, too. I am especially interested in the fact that the crew originally tried to deploy the chute off the bow of the vessel. My personal summary of all I have read, tempered with my moderate experience at sea in a catamaran, is that lying a-hull is an invitation for a rollover in a monohull, or in a multihull with too much lateral resistance. A big parachute deployed from the bow, as the crew of Echo tried to do, makes sense when you are trapped and…
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South Pacific experiences with satphone e-mail

To the editor: The recent article by John Kettlewell on Iridium satphones ("Data via satphone," Issue No. 155, July/August 2006) reminded me of our experience with service providers in the South Pacific. One of the Iridium providers mentioned AST and UUPlus. We used UUPlus across the Pacific from Panama to New Zealand with excellent results. We let UUPlus lapse and we ran out of minutes on the Iridium just as we arrived in New Zealand. Eight months later we were getting ready to leave New Zealand for Australia via New Caledonia. I purchased minutes from a provider in Wellington, New Zealand, and when I got the SIMM card, we also received a disc with the AST e-mail system on it. I decided to use AST and got it working using…
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