Power voyager Avatar in heavy weather


Usually, you don’t get a chance to see a power voyager working through really rough seas. The simple reason is that nobody is out there at sea with a camera to record it. Luckily for us, voyager and designer Steve Dashew wanted to see how his latest creation, a 64-foot power voyaging yacht named Avatar, performed in good-sized seas and and a stiff breeze. He had a photographer ready to go for when the conditions were right and the result is some great photos of a power vessel handling big seas.

From the website: Since launching we’ve had master aerial photographer Ivor Wilkins on standby for the right conditions to shoot the first FPB 64. The day before Avatar was due to depart for Vila in Vanuatu the appropriate wind and sea state arrived. The photos which follow (with a link at the end to high res versions) were taken in post severe depression conditions.

A 12 to15 foot (4 to 5m) swell is running with wind chop on top created by 35 knots of breeze, gusting to 40. Seas are bouncing off the nearby cliffs, creating a more than usual chaotic sea state. Avatar is at full displacement, carrying full fuel tanks, two dinghies, spares, food, and toys for a season of cruising. This is the ultimate sea trial. See more at SetSail.

By Ocean Navigator