Patrick OBrian-based film looking for actors

Now that the square-rigged ship HMS Rose has been purchased by a film company and is on its way to Baja for production, the film company is casting around, so to speak, for sailorly actors. The upcoming high-seas adventure movie, The Far Side of the World, based on the Aubrey-Maturin series that began with Master and Commander, will be directed by Peter Weir (Truman Show, Green Card, Dead Poet's Society and Witness). Rose will be playing the part of Surprise, Jack Aubrey's first command.

The casting director, Judith Bouley, is looking for salty dogs who can look the part of an 1806 French or British Jack Tar. The film will be shot in Rosarito. "Rosarito is a beautiful seaside town with lots of sun, restaurants and beaches. It is a wonderful, warm place to call home for a few months. Shooting will take place at Baja, where such movies as Titanic and Pearl Harbor were filmed," Bouley said. Any sailor out there need further encouragement?

Send an email including a physical description, sailing experience and photograph to Judith Bouley:

By Ocean Navigator