Offshore Cruising Encyclopedia

Offshore Cruising EncyclopediaSecond Edition

by Linda and Steve DashewThis is the second edition of a book that is a good source book for people interested in pursuing the voyaging lifestyle. At 1,200 pages (and $129.95) the second version is even more in-depth than the first edition. Put simply, it includes discussions on just about everything from light displacement hull design to keeping your kids happy on long passages.

As life-long sailors, the Dashews have successfully designed and built numerous boats and cruised 190,000 miles of the world’s oceans, all of which they describe in the Encyclopedia. Owners of the first edition can trade in their old copies and receive the new one for $65. For new buyers a special price of $89.95 is being offered until November 1997.

Beowulf Publishing, Pineville, N.C.; 704-544-0199.

By Ocean Navigator