OCENS Mail Adds Powerful Imbedded Weather Option

Includes Access to Award-Winning Grib Explorer Software
Available today, OCENS Mail version 12 for the PC and Mac provides new pathways to OCENS near limitless trove of global weather data. Version 12 adds free weather options, extended weather forecasts, exclusive access to the newly available WeatherNet Unlimited service, and convenient pathways to benefit from OCENS’ WeatherNet PayGo libraries and transfer engine.
“Weather and mail are lifeline needs to the remote user.” states OCENS CTO Jeff Thomassen. “We set out to develop a product providing unparalleled redundancy, content quality and continuity, and an easy flow between those communication and weather needs. OCENS Mail Version 12 makes it so!”
Three day forecasts of wind, wave and surface pressure are included in your subscription to version 12 of OCENS Mail. Users select one or more gribs and queue their requests in OCENS Mail for relay with their next mail transfer. Requests are quickly fulfilled by OCENS’ Everon servers and returned as compressed email attachments.
‘Extended’ weather forecasts available in version 12 include up to 7 day GRIBs for wind, waves, surface pressure, precipitation, thunderstorms, cloud cover and air temperature. Like the free ‘Included’ products, requests are queued, submitted and fulfilled via the high-compression, rapid-relay OCENS Mail transfer engine. A low monthly fee provides unrestricted access to the data.
OCENS Mail users are the first to have access to WeatherNet Unlimited. Until now only available in a pay-as-you-use format, the new Unlimited service provides unbounded access to WeatherNet weather data for less than $1 per day. Clients can install WeatherNet Unlimited (or WeatherNet PayGO if they desire) from within the OCENS Mail installer and begin to benefit from WeatherNet’s immense weather library in just minutes. Unlike the grib focus of the Included and Extended options, WeatherNet Unlimited and PayGO provide global access to grib and legacy products such as weather charts, text forecasts, buoy info, and satellite imagery. They also are the only sources for some of the most advanced weather data yet available to any user, remote or not, such as ASCAT wind scatterometry, RAP and HRRR very high resolution content and NDFD digital wind and wave data.
Version 12 provides 7-day access to OCENS award-winning GRIB Explorer software analytics and graphics. Users can purchase GRIB Explorer for permanent use at a discounted rate from within the software or continue with a GRIB Explorer Lite version after the 7-day trial.
About OCENS, Inc.
OCENS data services, software and apps merge easy-to-use applications with unprecedented content offerings to affordably deliver data over satellite phones to remote users around the world. OCENS weather, ocean and fishing services provide access to the largest collection of GRIB and classical data that can be found anywhere.  Using patented pull-me technology, OCENS WeatherNet provides fast access to the world’s widest selection of weather and ocean information over PC and Mac platforms. GRIB Explorer processes highly compressed GRIB information into unique decision products for use on PC, Mac or iPad platforms. Its SpotCast weather service provides multi-day, multi-point forecasts of weather and ocean conditions for any point on earth in a highly compact form. Email offerings include its dedicated platform, OCENS Mail, and the patent-pending OneMail for compressed, streamlined access to Gmail, Exchange, and IMAP mail that is uncluttered by unwanted mail. Its OneMessage service provides secure, person-to-person messaging through satellite phones and SNAPTrack delivers low-cost, simple to use tracking services. Its in-house hardware wing produces the popular Sidekick and Sidekick Pro satellite wifi routers. OCENS augments its software core with satellite equipment and airtime solutions it provides in cooperation with all the major satellite providers.


By Ocean Navigator