Notebooks promote sailing spirit

If you’re a sailor or, even better, one with the desire to someday sail around Cape Horn, then you might want to start making notes and lists for your upcoming trip in a notebook with some elements designed to inspire you. Cape Horn Notebook (, conceived by Antonia Undurraga from Chile, uses squares of retired high-end sails in the construction of its notebooks. The sails are cut into pieces and mounted on the front cover as a design motif (this is the only place where sails are used, the notebook pages are made of paper).

According to Undurraga, an avid sailor who has raced on Optimists, Lasers, windsurfers and big yachts, part of the idea of the notebooks is to promote sailing. Undurraga wrote in an email: “We know that sailors are really proud to be sailors. That passion sailors have for the sea is our guide; we like to tell that story through simple, quality products that represent the spirit of sailing.”

Cape Horn Notebooks are available for sale at

By Ocean Navigator