Non-stop circumnavigation by sextant

1 Sextant

This summer, solo sailor and musician Donna Lange plans to begin a non-stop circumnavigation using only celestial navigation and SSB radio for communication. She plans to make the nine-month trip aboard her Southern Cross 28, Inspired Insanity. Lange already has two solo circumnavigations with just two stops to her credit, making her the fastest American woman to solo around the globe. 

Lange, a grandmother, has dubbed her voyage “The Ultimate Healing Adventure” and is hoping to enlist sponsors through her Sail Twice Around organization. As the executive director of OceansWatch North America, she plans to conduct marine conservation research during the voyage, and test innovative floatation and emergency equipment. By limiting her navigation to celestial means, she also hopes to emphasize the need for genuine seamanship and navigation skills in an age of sophisticated electronics. 

Lange plans to blog about the voyage and will provide transponder positioning so that she can be followed on the web. For more information about Lange, her voyage and sponsorship opportunities, visit 

By Ocean Navigator