No word from Indian Ocean rowers

Team Rowing For Prostate, a four-man British rowing team competing in the inaugural Indian Ocean Rowing Race, has lost contact with race organizers.  A statement from Woodvale Challenge, the race’s parent organization, said that the team’s satellite tracking unit had ceased to work earlier in the race, and that the rowers had been transmitting their position via satellite phone&mdashwhich at last contact had also begun to malfunction.  The UPI reports that, in addition to a race support vessel, the Mauritian Navy and several commercial ships have been called upon to help locate the crew.  
At 3,132 nautical miles in length, from the west coast of Australia to the Island of Mauritius, east of Madagascar, the competition is billed as the longest rowing race in the world.  Another British team, Bexhill Trust Challenger, won the race in 68 days, 19 hours and 40 minutes.  
By Ocean Navigator