New Tartan 245

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From the press release: The new Tartan 245 came as a surprise to the Tartan development team. A number of groups approached us to build a boat that already existed, a daysailer/camper cruiser based on early 1980s technology and design. We said okay there's a need but why build an old design when one of the most creative teams in the industry can start from scratch, listen to what people are asking for, and incorporate those ideas into a fabulous new, current, model. Hello Tartan 245.

Design Overview

Most of us know that it takes a village to raise a family. What we learned in creating the Tartan 245 is that the village has a lot of great ideas about what makes sailing great. Our design team took those ideas and molded them into one very special boat. 

The new Tartan 245 is not what Tim Jackett, Tartan’s designer, had in mind when he set about designing the newest Tartan. We were looking larger, deckhouse, center cockpit, multiple cabin, that sort of direction after the successful launch of the Tartan 345 and 395 and design of the newest 365. But when the opportunity to build a fleet of boats for learning to sail, for club racing, for training, for experiential adventure, for exceptional multi-use and even adaptive sailing his design brain started clicking. The Judd Goldman Center for Adaptive sailing got the ball rolling by looking for a builder to build an existing boat, but it was Cai Svendsen, with whom we’ve worked before, who reached out and asked about a boat that fit very well into the design parameters that were spinning through Jackett’s mind. Svendsen put his thoughts in front of the designer and the rest will be history.

Keep it simple. Keep it safe. Keep it fun. Keep performance in the mix but not at the expense of simplicity and safety. Keep it real. Although there may be no such thing as the perfect daysailer, that’s not our decision to make, we have done what we can to push that envelope to a place we believe daysailers belong.

S I Z E 

The Tartan 245 sails on nearly the same waterline as the beautiful Tartan Fantail 26. With the transom flipped and left open the 245 is self-bailing and needs no thru hulls to drain the cockpit. With a 3,000-pound displacement you need a vehicle only slightly larger than a Mini-Clubman to move the 245 on down the road. On a single-axle trailer or yard trailer, moving her around by hand at the club or sailing center boat park is short work. Size in the rig is also important and the 245’s deck-stepped, carbon-fiber mast has a hinge at the base for stepping by minimum crew. The Tartan 245 is the perfect size for safe, stable sailing, being able to make haste in a growing breeze while standing firm when the whitecaps are flying.

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By Ocean Navigator