New Guide on Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

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DAN Boater, the travel health and safety organization for boaters, has just released a fourth title in its travel health and safety series. This guide focuses on the injuries that can result when boaters come into contact with dangerous marine life, as the guide puts it "such as a jellyfish, sea urchin, or other venomous specimen of the sea." 

"First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries is divided into four sections. Section I covers envenomations, the process by which a venom or toxin is injected into another being via a bite, puncture, or sting. Section II focuses on traumatic injuries, which are usually the result of a marine animals’ defensive reaction to a perceived threat or misidentification of a person’s body part as a food source. Section III covers seafood poisonings caused by ingestion of a natural toxin present in seafood. Section IV details first-aid techniques and treatments mentioned throughout the guide — including thermolysis, anti-venoms, and the pressure immobilization technique.

"In each section, the guide offers user-friendly tips on properly identifying these injuries when they do occur and rendering first aid — as well as ongoing care for the injured area. Moreover, the guide offers clear direction on when to seek treatment from medication professionals." 

Luckily, this type of injury is not a common occurrence for voyagers. But it it happens, it would be great to have read this guide and have it on hand for reference. 

By Ocean Navigator