New Complete and Compact Diesel Fuel Management System

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Southwick, MA – KTI Systems Inc., manufacturer of the popular FilterBoss, has just introduced a new fuel filtration system designed to offer complete fuel system management capabilities in one compact package. More than just a basic fuel filter, the new Keenan Filter System combines all the tools necessary to insure clean, uncontaminated fuel delivery. It offers essential maintenance, diagnostic and repair functions to provide the user total control of their onboard fuel system no matter the fuel source or their location.

Based on the original FilterBOSS concepts, the new Keenan Filter System has been completely re-designed from the ground up to maximize functionality while significantly reducing the system's overall footprint.  Engineered to provide all necessary operations in one package, the new system can provide fuel polishing, filter switching, servicing, clogged filter & water detection warnings, a back-up fuel pump and integrated communication.

The Keenan Filter System incorporates a patented industry first manifold that integrates interconnects and passages within the filter housing.  This allows fuel to be ported directly into the off-line filter in all dual filter models so the operator can drain the fuel bowl contaminates, replace filter element, and then top off the filter without the usual diesel fuel mess. All models use standard Racor™ filter elements for exceptional contamination removal and water separation, as well as worldwide availability.

Each new Keenan Filter System also features a separate warning and operation panel that can be conveniently placed in the cockpit or navigation station for remote monitoring and alarm control.  They also offer optional Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) smart phone interface. This allows the operator to monitor the online filter warning system and schedule fuel polishing and other controls remotely from a mobile device while away.

Available in 60 or 120 Gallons Per Hour (GPH) flow rates, the new Keenen Filter Systems come in three basic models. This includes the single filter MK60S or MSK60SP system, the simple dual filter MK60D and the complete dual filter MK60DP systems. Each offer a variety of features and configurations to suit almost any size motor and the user's specific needs.  All include the standard EWS Early Warning System and include the option of integrating the GSM interface and remote Electric Filter Switch (EFS).

KTI Systems is a family-owned company based in Southwick, Massachusetts. They offer the unique line of advanced fuel filtration systems that use KTI's exclusive patented filtering technology invented through the owner's real-life needs and experience as a boater. In addition to boating, the new Keenan Filters have applications for Power Generation, Commercial/Industrial and Transportation Industries, as well as other applications where Fuel Management Systems would be beneficial for the clean running of diesel engines.

By Ocean Navigator