New boat for Outward Bound

Outward Bound, a national leader in wilderness and sail education, has announced the June 2007 launch from Southport Island Marine in mid-coast Maine of a newly designed sail-training vessel. The school’s unique “pulling boats,” 30-foot, double-ended, sprit-rigged open ketches that have served more than 25,000 students from Maine to Florida since 1965, will be replaced by a new cat schooner called the Outward Bound 30, designed by Rodger Martin Design of Newport, R.I.

The change in design reflects an evolution in boat technology, while retaining the benefits of a sail-training vessel designated for group dynamics. The new design will continue to encourage team building, personal growth and leadership skills, but will also incorporate the newest in materials technology with a fiberglass hull and carbon fiber unstayed spars instead of wood. The goal of these design changes is to increase boat performance and development of handling and navigation skills.

Other upgrades include a kick-up rudder to release lobster pot snags on the coast of Maine, a shorter centerboard for shallow Florida waters, increased sail area, an electrical system, marine head, upgraded accommodations and six carbon fiber oars for power.

Outward Bound’s older Cy Hamlin design, based on turn-of-the-century Coast Guard surf boats, held 12 tightly packed crewmembers and two licensed instructors. The new boats will carry six crew, allowing for more living space.
Sailing traditionalists may cheer for discomfort as a character-building exercise. But Outward Bound hopes the new boats will continue to engage students as they shift focus toward faster skill development, thus increasing opportunities for personal growth and group initiative. For more information visit:
Susan Viets

By Ocean Navigator