New Andersen E1 Electric Self-Tailing Winches

Unmatched Performance, Monitoring & Protection

Melbourne, Australia – Andersen has extended their offering of electric winches to include a new line of self-tailing winches designed for almost any size boat. Perfect for the family, sailing couple or singlehand sailor, the new E1 Electric Winches feature push button sheet and halyard control using a powerful new drive motor that offers unmatched efficiency and monitoring capabilities. Fully integrated, E1 Winches also include all necessary electrical control components for ease of installation and reliability. 

The heart of Andersen's new E1 Winch is a premium quality series wound motor that develops high torque in a small package. Combined with the winch's optimized gearing, the E1 motor delivers high speed, low load operation for fast sheeting in and low speed, high load drive for safe, fine tune trimming. The new motor also incorporates an unprecedented array of integrated safety features including protection for maximum pull overload, thermal overload, reverse polarity, accidental start, low voltage and continuous run protection. Available in 12 volt or 24 volt models, the new E1 motor provides smooth quiet operation across a wide working load range. 

The entire E1 winch range also features Intelligent Push Button control with internal LED illumination to indicate when the power is on and to flash status codes to assist troubleshooting in the event of an overload or other protection system intervention.  Water resistant, the button includes a hinged integrated safety cover to protect it when not in use and to prevent inadvertent winch operation.  A connection cable is also included for convenient installation.

All E1 winches feature Andersen's award winning stainless steel drum design with Power Rib™ line control for firm, positive line grip as well as Andersen's time tested self-adjusting self-tailing system.  E1 models are single speed electric with a 2-speed manual override in case the user wants to sheet in beyond the electric motor's maximum pull load override setting, or just for the experience of it. 

Available now through Ronstan's worldwide dealer network, the new E1 line of electric winches includes 10 sizes with power ratios from 28 to 72. Offered in addition to Andersen's 2 speed electric ST and variable speed Compact Motor™ winch series, the new E1 rounds out their range of premium electric winches to include an offering for almost any boat.   

Andersen Winches are manufactured by Ronstan in Vejle, Denmark. Ronstan is based in Melbourne, Australia and has 180 employees worldwide. In addition to Sydney and Fremantle, it has offices in Rhode Island, California and Florida USA.

By Ocean Navigator