New anchors coming from the Spade folks

Sea Blade Anchor

While perusing new gear at the Newport International Boat Show I came across the U.S. distributor for the Spade anchor, Sea Tech and Fun USA, and I was intrigued to see that these innovative folks have now come up with two new designs that are quite reminiscent of the popular Rocna and Manson Supreme designs. Both feature roll bars, with the SeaBlade sporting a concave blade shape very Rocna-esque and the Spoon with a flatter blade, reminding me somewhat of the Buegel anchor design. These names seem to be a bit counterintuitive to the blade shapes, but check out the images and information on the European website–they don't seem to be showing up yet on the U.S. site.

In any case, the distributors said that both anchors will be less expensive than the Spade, in part because they can't be disassembled and they don't feature lead-weighted tips. The roll bar is there to make sure the anchor point gets oriented quickly for a fast bite.

If these anchors perform anywhere near as well as the reports I've read on the Spade, Rocna, and Manson designs, boaters should have some great new options for ground tackle.

By Ocean Navigator