Motor oil disposal areas on web site

Changing motor oil is a messy and necessary (messicary?) evil aboard any boat with an engine. What to do with the used oil is the perpetual question. A new web site sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute in Washington, D.C., provides the latest information on responsible disposal. Dirty oil is typically burned in power stations.

The site,, explains how to perform a basic oil change (for a car or truck) and suggests ways of bottling the used oil. It can also provide a list of nearby recycling facilities if a ZIP code is entered. The site links to Earth 911 (, a non-profit organization sponsored by corporations to promote recycling.

Another problem associated with do-it-yourself oil changes is disposal of the filter, itself a mini environmental problem. The Filter Manufacturers Council, another Washington-based nonprofit, provides information at its web site on how to responsibly remove and dispose of oil filters:

By Ocean Navigator