Meteorology & Marine Weather Class

This course is available to you through the Ocean Navigator School of Seamanship.

Title: Understanding Meteorology and Marine Weather
Instructor: Ken McKinley, Professional Meteorologist
Dates: April 9 – 10, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm each day
Location: Marine Systems Training Center, Thomaston, ME
Cost: $425/person, $395/person for 2 or more enrollments
Meals: Lunch included both days

Scope of the course:
-Structure of the Atmosphere and Basic Meteorological Concepts
-Mid-latitude High and Low Pressure Systems
-Upper Air Concepts and Analysis
-Tropical Weather Systems (waves, depressions, storms and hurricanes)
-Ocean Wave Development
-Local Wind Circulations
-Thunderstorms; Squall Lines
-Utilizing available forecast information for voyage and route planning
-Hands on exercises through the course

Sign up info:
Dave Jackson
Director of the Ocean Navigator School of Seamanship
Phone: (207) 236-7014

If you have an interest in the course, but are unable to attend on these particular dates, please contact Dave Jackson and let him know of your interest. Depending on the demand, the course may be offered again sometime during the early spring (really still winter here in Maine!)

By Ocean Navigator