Metal Corosion in Boats

Metal Corrosion in BoatsThe Prevention of Metal Corrosion in Hulls, Engines, Rigging and FittingsSecond Editionby Nigel WarrenUnless you are a walking encylclopedia, capable of holding in your head the corrosive properties of dozens of metals and the mathematics it requires to install correct anodes, Nigel Warren’s book belongs in your nautical library. Included in this second editionthe first printing was in 1980is information on all marine metal, including aluminum, lead, zinc, bronze, nickel, and different types of steel and alloys.

Metal Corrosion in Boats discusses metal usage on deck, aloft and below the waterline, propeller and zinc installation, metal boat construction, rigging choices, and outboard motor maintenance.

Sheridan House, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.; 888-SHERIBK; 224 pages; $27.50.

By Ocean Navigator