mazu Extends Innovative Chat Feature For Broader Range of Use

Reston, Va. – mazu, a leading technology and satellite communications brand, is excited to announce that a popular chat feature from mazu SportFishing, mazuChat, is now available on iPhone, through web browsers and within the mazu Cruising app.

Until now, chat functionality had only been available with the mazu SportFishing app for the iPad. mazuChat features include the ability to send and receive messages, create and join group chats and share or hide location with other mazuChat users. With this update, customers can access and use mazuChat in new ways:
mazu iPhone App: mazu’s first ever app for the iPhone makes mazuChat easier to access and even more convenient to use, both for m2500 owners and for their friends and family on shore. mazu for iPhone is free, and features chat functionality only. The mazu iPhone app works over Wi-Fi, cellular or a satellite connection through the m2500 system.
mazuChat via web browser: mazuChat is now available to anyone who has access to an internet connection and web browser. The web browser has full mazuChat functionality and the ability to view group positions (including position history). mazuChat via web browser is free and works only via Wi-Fi or cellular. It can be accessed at
mazu Cruising iPad app (in-app purchase): Users also have the option to access mazuChat through an in-app purchase in the mazu Cruising app, adding yet another communication method to that application’s SMS and email capabilities. This app features full mazuChat functionality, including position sharing. mazuChat through the mazu Cruising app is $27.99 per year and works over Wi-Fi, cellular or a satellite connection through the m2500 system. 
mazu SportFishing iPad app: mazuChat is one of the most popular features of mazu SportFishing and is included in the yearly $129.99 subscription fee for that application. mazu SportFishing also gives users access to valuable sport fishing data, including sea surface temperature, chlorophyll charts, altimetry and more. 

“People who are offshore want a quick, easy way to stay in contact with each other, and with their friends and family onshore. When we saw how important this feature was with our sport fishing customers, we felt that it was vitally important to expand the availability of our mazuChat app to include iPhone and other platforms,” said Craig Myers, director of product management, mazu. “mazu users can communicate with each other whether they’re at home, offshore or anywhere in the world. Whether they’re doing so through their iPhone, our SportFishing and Cruising apps, or on their computers, we’re thrilled to make it easier to share information and stay in touch.” 

mazuChat on the mazu SportFishing app is included in the yearly access fee of $129.99, while access on the Cruising app is $27.99. mazuChat on web browser and the mazuChat iPhone app are free. For more information on mazuChat or all mazu’s products, visit

By Ocean Navigator