Make Portland your “one stop” for all boat owners!


The Maine Boatbuilders  Show  for  2017 HAS MOVED!
For our  big 30th year, we  have moved to the Portland Sports Complex.

Same show,  new site!  Sail, power, small and large boats  are all represented  at the  3- day event in March in Portland, Maine.  
     Almost every boatbuilder has  a boat on their  ways,   and all yards are humming with projects. This show allows  you to meet the builders,   make a connection and then pick who you want to go see in their yard.   All of the manufacturers for marine products and engines are here, so you can get your questions answered.   Three days is NOT enough time!
     Maine’s boatbuilding community is extremely diverse. There are those that build dinghies, others mega-yachts, and anywhere in between and this show is here to promote everyone. Many boat builders do not know what they will have available at show time, but when we know what boats are coming we will send out press releases promoting them.   Each year brings   a new crowd.
       With the brain trust that is attracted to the show,  there is often animated discussions and as much going on in the aisles as in the booths. Friends make the show an annual pilgrimage.  The fact that it is a gathering point and a celebration has attracted national organizations.
      The Maine Maritime Academy Alumnae will hold a Maritime Flea Market all three days in an adjacent building so look for their signs.   Lectures are free all three days so pick a seat  for a REST and  enjoy an educational  hour.  There  is  a restaurant in the new site all on ONE floor!
      To celebrate the next generation, for the SIXTH year, there will be an engine diagnosis competition between the Maine Vocational High schools 10-12 Saturday.  This  has grown and  become very important to our  industry as we  ALL are looking  for  new  competent  employees  and  what  better  than to see  them  at their best,  here  competing  for  money  and scholarships!   
     The show is expected to draw around 10,000 people to the Portland Sports  Complex, located at 512 Warren Ave,  in Portland, Maine. Admission is $15 per day at the door or ON LINE tickets are available. Children under 12 accompanied by adults will be admitted free. Groups of 10 or more can purchase block tickets for $10.00 ea.  It is open to the public and will run from 10am to 6 pm on Friday March 24th and Saturday March 25th  and from 10am to 4pm on Sunday March 26th.

By Ocean Navigator