LED nav lights in Hawaii


According to this piece by Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Melissa E. McKenzie, there are 99 lighted land-based navigation aids in the state of Hawaii and six members of the Aids to Navigation team Honolulu are responsible for their care and maintenance. McCarthy describes some of the details involved in switching the light sources of those 99 lighted aids from incandescent bulbs to LEDs.

"The self-contained LED lanterns encase a battery, solar panel and light in one unit. These units reduce the amount of time required for maintenance and minimize the occurrence of personnel errors associated with servicing them. They also eliminate the potential for weather erosion due to the casing in which the components are housed.

"In traditional incandescent lanterns, an automatic light-changing device rotates a series of six bulbs into place as each burns out. These bulbs contain filaments, a separate solar panel recharging the battery packs and exterior wiring exposed to outside elements. Instead of servicing the bulbs, changer, filaments and wiring, the entire system is removed as part of the maintenance process."

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By Ocean Navigator