Landing School offers systems course

For those owners baffled by their boats’ electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems, and who suspect their repair yard crew may be too, an ambitious new course at The Landing School in Arundel, Maine, could just start improving the level of systems expertise in the marine industry. The new Marine Systems Program is an intensive yearlong curriculum that includes instruction on the installation, repair, and theory of all boat systems.

The course, which will be taught in a new wing at the 20-year-old school on the Maine coast, is designed with the hope that participants will emerge with the ability to start a career in the boating industry, according to Landing School president and founder John Burgess.

"This will be the most thorough systems course available," explained Roger Hellyar-Brook, the Systems Program manager, who served for many years as an engineer in the British merchant marine. The course will be both lecture style and practical, making use of two yachts, one powerboat and a sailboat, that will be permanently housed in the new wing. The proposed curriculum includes instruction in pumps, DC and AC electrical systems, propulsion equipment, sanitary systems, steering gear, refrigeration, and accommodations.

The Landing School also offers yearlong programs in boat construction and design: 207-985-7976.

By Ocean Navigator