Just like racks for your car

Anyone with an even moderately active life likely has roof racks on their car, station wagon or SUV. These can be enormously helpful for carrying all the gear you need. What about “racks” for your boat? With a set of racks set up amidships, you could carry dinghies, oars, wind surfing boards, etc.

Now a sailor named Neil Malik, who is president of Barrington Marine in Barrington, R.I., is offering a sailboat rack system that bolts to a boat’s handrails on the cabintop. Malik is promising to follow up with a complete line of accessories such as sail lockers, storage boxes, dinghy mounts, solar panel mounts, etc. Malik used the rack system on two voyages aboard his Westsail 32. The first was a trip from R.I. to Puerto Rico via the ICW, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. The second was a year long voyage from R.I. to the Azores, Portugal, Porto Santo, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Cape Verde and finally Brazil.

By Ocean Navigator