Interphase to Introduce New Ultrascan PC180 Forward Looking Sonar at 2011 Miami Iinternational Boat Show Booth 1658 in the Electronics Room

Interphase Photo

Interphase, the leader in award-winning and affordable phased array forward looking sonars, introduces a new ultra fast multibeam sonar with full 180-degree forward horizontal views.  The new Ultrascan PC180 uses two transducers with no moving parts.  One transducer is mounted on either side of the vessel’s keel to enable easy installation on trawlers, large cruising yachts, workboats and other deep or full keel vessels.   
Interphase’s new Ultrascan technology simultaneously creates all forward receive beams on every transmitter ping, resulting in speed improvements up to hundreds of times over conventional scanning sonars.   The resulting image is similar to a streaming video with the entire screen updating many times each second.

For coastal cruisers, the Ultrascan PC180 provides immediate feedback on the underwater areas to the sides and ahead of the vessel to see underwater reefs, rock pinnacles, dead-heads, shallowing water ahead and help navigate underwater channels.  Offshore cruisers will find its long range, fast upate speed and alarm functions helpful to warn of large underwater obstacles such as coral reefs, whales, and overboard shipping containers.

For both recreational and tournament offshore anglers, the Ultrascan’s unbelievable update speed will prove to be an indespensible tool for heading off fast moving schools or predator fish. Bluewater fishermen will also find its huge scan coverage invaluable for quickly locating and tracking schools of bait and gamefish or dectecing changing bottom conditions and structure.

With it’s Ethernet inferface, the Ultrascan PC180 easily connects with onboard computers and computer networks. Working with “Windows XP and above, Ultrascan’s 32-bit software works simultaneously with popular charting and navigation software including, among others, Rose Point’s Coastal Explorer and Nobeltec’s Admiral.

To learn more about Interphase’s new Ultrascan PC180 or to download a high resolution image, a full press release or preliminary datasheet, visit the Ultrascan PC180 webpage at

By Ocean Navigator